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Using the Marine Trail Dock at the Battleship NC

Wilmington Water Tours is the Dockmaster for the Marine Trail Dock at the Battleship North Carolina

As part of our partnership with the Battleship North Carolina, we will facilitate the use of the Piedmont Natural Gas Marine Trail Dock located at Battleship Park for those looking to use their own vessels to visit the Battleship. You can sign and submit vessels waivers and applications for both commercial and commercial vessels to use the dock using the forms on the right.

Please review and sign the documents on the right if you wish to use the Battleship North Carolina’s Marine Trail Dock for your own vessel.

Fees for the use of the dock are agreed upon between the Battleship NC and Wilmington Water Tours.  Landing Fee covers one-time landing before event and one-time pickup at the end of the event.

Inspected Vessel Landing Fee: $40

OUPV Landing Fee:  $15

Kayak Launch Fee: $5

We look forward to working with you to coordinate your visit and use of the facility! Please contact us if you have any questions.

Liability Waiver For Non-Commercial Vessels:

Application for Use and Liability Waiver for Commercial Vessels: