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Using the Marine Trail Dock at the Battleship NC


Thank you for your interest in utilizing the the Battleship North Carolina’s PNG Marine Trail Dock. Wilmington Water Tours, LLC has been contracted by the  Battleship North Carolina to facilitate the use of the dock. We look forward to working with you to coordinate your visit and use of the dock. Use will depend on availability and space.

 For those interested in using the dock, feel free to call us and also review required application. By signing the application, it is your responsibility to understand and agree to the Battleship North Carolina’s policy that :

  • All Coast Guard inspected vessels that use the dock must be operated by a properly licensed mariner and the vessel must have a current COI issued by the US Coast Guard.
  • An uninspected passenger vessel (UPV) may use the dock if the operator holds a current Coast Guard license (six pack license)
  • All vessels using the dock must maintain current liability insurance of no less than $1,000,000 and  list the USS Battleship NC Battleship Commission as an additional insured. A copy which must be provided prior to  using dock.

Please review and sign the documents on the right if you wish to use the Battleship North Carolina’s Marine Trail Dock for your own vessel.

Fees for the use of the dock are agreed upon between the Battleship NC and Wilmington Water Tours.

Inspected Vessel Landing Fee: $40

OUPV Landing Fee:  $15

Kayak Launch Fee: $5

We look forward to working with you to coordinate your visit and use of the facility! Please contact us if you have any questions.

Liability Waiver For Non-Commercial Vessels:

Application for Use and Liability Waiver for Commercial Vessels: