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Visit the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA

We are the official water taxi service to the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA!

We are excited to announce that we are the official partner of the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA for water transportation to and from Battleship Park.

For those looking to visit the Battleship, we offer pickup and drop-off at the Battleship’s Piedmont Natural Gas Marine Trail Dock, and can ferry you across the river back to downtown Wilmington once your visit is over.

Additionally, as part of our partnership with the Battleship North Carolina, we will facilitate the use of the Piedmont Natural Gas Marine Trail Dock located at Battleship Park for those looking to use their own vessels to visit the Battleship. You can sign and submit vessels waivers and applications for both commercial and commercial vessels to use the dock using the forms on the right.

Please review and sign the documents on the right if you wish to use the Battleship North Carolina’s Marine Trail Dock for your own vessel.

We look forward to working with you to coordinate your visit and use of the facility! Please contact us if you have any questions.

Liability Waiver For Non-Commercial Vessels:

Application for Use and Liability Waiver for Commercial Vessels:

During Your Battleship Visit

Step back in time and let history come alive through the crews’ stories. Imagine yourself steering the ship, starting her engines or even firing the guns. JOIN THE CREW and be a part of Battleship history at the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA! – Battleship North Carolina Website

One of North Carolina’s most visited attractions has a new addition for visitors of any age or physical capability. The USS North Carolina unveiled a new walkway!

The SECU Memorial Walkway will give visitors to the battleship a nearly 360 degree visual of the vessel.

It stretches roughly a kilometer around the battleship that’s open to the public year round. Come aboard the Bizzy Bee and spend some time walking around the Battleship.

Things to do during your visit:

  • Self-guided and guided tours of the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA
  • Walk around the SECU Memorial Walkway
  • Launch your kayak from the Piedmont Natural Gas Marine Trail Dock
  • Year-round historical and education events and programs
  • Education programs for school groups and camps
  • Private group parties, rentals, and tours
  • View the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA’S website for more information!